Jews Gypsies (Sinti and Roma), Jehovahs Witnesses Gays, and others, were told to bring their essential belongings on the transport for "Relocation". Immediately upon unloading, all personal belongings were taken away, sorted and taken to large warehouses in a section of Birkenau nicknamed "Canada" because it was a place of abundance. After unloading their human victims, the same trains were loaded with the possessions of earlier victims and sent back to Germany. These objects are often all that is left of their owners. They passed each other in opposite directions.
As late as 1980, many such objects were found in Berlin curio and antique shops, being the only passengers with a round trip ticket. The objects shown here were left behind when the Nazis burned Canada to the ground, to hide their crimes, and lest its contents fall into the hands of the advancing Soviets. (Jacobs. (1979). Canada. edit